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“Bellow is my introduction and explanation for you to understand that Opi Adventure and Ha Giang Road Trip are one.”

My name is Opi, I am 27 years old, a member of the Tay ethnic group living in a small, peaceful village near Ha Giang. After more than 8 years working as a tour guide, I am always eager to share the beauty of my homeland with tourists from all over.

Ha Giang always holds a strong attraction because of its majestic, pristine natural scenery and unique cultural identities of ethnic minorities. Coming to Ha Giang, you will be immersed in a conquer breathtaking mountain passes, explore rustic and idyllic villages and experience the unique culture of the people here.

Opi Adventure

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As a person born and raised in Ha Giang, I have special pride when introducing my homeland to tourists. I understand every street, every corner, every customs and habits of the people here. With deep understanding of local culture, I am committed to bringing you the best travel experiences in Ha Giang.

I have opened Opi Adventure company for 6 years, with the tour brand Ha Giang Road Trip along with a number of friends who have been with me since the first days. We all come from different ethnic communities, learn together and focus on tourism development. Up to now, have been recognized by many tourists from around the world through the Trip Advisor review channel.

Join me in discovering the wonders hidden in every mountain, stream, village and fully feel the wild and majestic beauty of Ha Giang.

What are you waiting for? Come to Ha Giang with Opi – Son of the Northern mountains and forests!

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Phone: +84948242421
Email: hagiangmotorbiketour@gmail.com

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