How many days should I plan my trip?

This is almost a difficult question to answer. On Ha Giang Road Trip, people usually go for four days, enough to explore small roads, village life, walk and sightsee at their own discretion.

How do I pay for tour?

We accept cash (Vietnamese Dong, American and Euros)/Visa/MasterCard payment.

As with all card transactions in Vietnam there is a 3% bank charge when you use card payment.

How about the quality of hotel and food on a tour? 

When travelling the countryside and northern mountains of Vietnam you are not likely to find much Western cuisine, but there will be no lack of various restaurants. And, if being a vegetarian it is normally not a major problem although you may have a bit of explanation to do.

When in remote areas, quality and availability of food may vary. If you are concerned about food safety you may stock some snacks and pre-packaged/processed food when passing a town.

Accommodation should not be a problem. Everything are generally cheap, clean and well-equipped. In many places the only option might be to stay at an ethnic minority Homestay. While for some this might be to step out of one’s comfort zone it is a great way to meet local people and get an insight into daily life. Yes, basic and not always with private rooms most homestay would have hot/cold showers, flush toilets and of course high-speed Wi-Fi. More so, they would offer great home-cooked food and generous hospitality.

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